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Saturday, Nov 4 at 6:30 PM - 11:00 PM
Friday, Dec 15 at 7:00 PM - 10:30 PM
Saturday, Dec 16 at 7:00 PM - 10:30 PM


Ticket scramble for NVT/BAG Hollywood South Awards 2017

Tickets are already flying out the door for this year's NVT/BAG Hollywood South Awards - dubbed "the Oscars of Louisiana" - to be held at the prestigious Gretna Cultural Center for the Arts, Saturday November 4th.

This is the leading social event on the calendar for the film and related industries in Louisiana and Southern Mississippi - so make sure you don't miss it!

Tickets are only an amazing $20 if you book now using early Early Bird discount. Full information and link to tickets at www.hollywoodsouthawards.info 

The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation goes NATIONAL with launch of GULF COAST regional branch

The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation has expanded to become The NATIONAL Voice Talent Foundation, with its first regional branch being The NATIONAL Voice Talent Foundation – GULF COAST.

Read the full story by clicking here!

Entertainment industry leading lights join 2017 NVT Awards panel

We are delighted to announce the completion of this year's Nominations Panel for the top NVT Awards at year's 2017 NVT/BAG HOLLYWOOD SOUTH AWARDS, to be held in early November.

New Orleans-based internationally-acclaimed film actor LANCE NICHOLS is joined by acting coach VELEKA GRAY and actor LORRAINE LeBLANC; alongside Stephen James, voice actor and coach, and founder and CEO of The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation, and Deborah Smith, Secretary/Treasurer of The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation.

The panel will assess nominations, invited from the public throughout Hollywood South, to decide who will be this year's recipients of the top two awards:

The 2017 NVT Hollywood South Star Performer Award, and
The 2017 NVT Hollywood South Actor Award.

These awards not only recognize an individual's ability in their field but also, and more importantly, their dedication and commitment made in support of the film and related industries in the region, to the performing community, and to the community at large.

Nominations invited for the 2017 NVT Hollywood South Awards

It's awards time in Hollywood South as we begin preparations for this year's FIFTH annual NVT Awards, re-named "The NVT/BAG Hollywood South Awards", and incorporating the Background Actors Guild Awards for the second year running.

We are planning to hold the event on Saturday November 4th 2017 (7.00pm-10.30pm) and are looking at a number of prestigious venues.

Everyone who is anyone in the film and related industries in southern Louisiana, southern Mississippi, and beyond, will be in attendance - bedecked in tuxedos and ball-gowns - to recognize the individual talent and commitment to the movie, theater, broadcasting, and voice-over industries in the region; and to the performing community and the community-at-large.

SO now is YOUR opportunity for you to nominate just who YOU think should receive the TOP AWARDS. For details on how to make your nominations, please go to our FB Event page by clicking here