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A non-profit organization providing affordable educational resources and opportunities for performers since 2009
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Become a SUBSCRIPTION MEMBER of The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation and enjoy Full Member benefits and product discounts (Full 12-month subscription)


The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation is constantly looking for ways to benefit YOU as performer in the region. 

Subscription Membership is just a nominal $200 per 12 months, Renewable on the anniversary of your joining.

As a Subscription Member of the NOLA Voice Talent Foundation you benefit from: 

  • Free admission to regular practical voice-over workshop sessions in NEW ORLEANS (Session fee for Limited Members and non-members only $20.00)
  • Member discounts from participating suppliers and manufacturers, such as...
10% DISCOUNT off any of sound booth products from Gretch-Ken Industries , including the StoneBooth in a Bag, any size of Sound Booth and all accessories, upgrades and custom work that goes with a booth; and all SoundBlocker1 and SoundBlocker2 products (Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier) and the Liquid Sound Blocker. (Discount applies only to products listed above, and does not include foam products and composites.) 
Headshot special package from Steve Hammond Photography: $300 value for only $199
One-third off monthly rental at Tipitina’s Music Co-ops office facilities in New Orleans and Baton Rouge
Discount rates for NVT-organized events, seminars, etc
10% off fees for The Actors Alliance

 So upgrade your membership now, for just a nominal $200 per 12 months, renewable on the anniversary of your joining. And you may do it online too! Just by clicking on the Foundation's Webstore and pay by debit/credit card via PayPal.

Remember, the Foundation is YOUR foundation, to provide YOU with affordable opportunities and resources as a performer.


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